Spark Softphone How To

For registration of a users Spark Soft Phone, we’ve taken the XMPP

approach, and added all configurations within the server and not leave

it up to each individual client. You will need to download the

Enteprise plugin to get started (get a 30 day evaluation license,

Enterprise is awesome). Once you have the plugin installed, click on

the “Enterprise” tab, and do the following:

  1. Locate the Phone settings in the left side navigation.

  2. Click on “SIP Phone Mappings”

  3. Inside the table, click on “Add new Phone Mapping”. You will be presented with the following UI.!!
    Let’s walk through the form and what each field really means.

    • XMPP Username: This is just your username and not your full address, so for me, I would just use “derek”.
    •      SIP username: Depending on what SIP server you use (Asterisks,
           Gizmoserver), your username could be your extension or your full phone
           number or really whatever the administrator of the sip server wants it
           to be.
    • Authorization Username: Generally the same as the SIP username.
    • Display Phone Number: Whatever number your type will be displayed in the main status area of your Spark client.
    • Password: Your sip server account password.
    • Server: The IP address or domain of your sip server.
    • Voice Mail Number: This is the number that will be auto-dialed inside Spark when the user clicks on the voice mail button.

Once you have filled everything out, click on the “Create” button.

In the very near future, we will do validation of your SIP account

directly from the server.

Ok, so assuming all the information you typed in is correct, start

up your Spark client (Spark 2.5.0 Beta 3). Once the client loads, you

should see a phone area similar to the one below. If so, start making

some calls !!.

I’ll be updating this page with feature walk throughs in the very near future, so stay tuned.



is there now, or will there be in the future, a way to pull the SIP info from AD?

I’m recieving this error when I test the SIP Phone Mapping:

SIP Account problem: NetworkErrorCheck the Registrar Address, and if there is a firewall blocking OpenFire Server to reach SIP Registrar Address.

And I found this in the stdoutt.log:

==> stdoutt.log <==

start - javax.sip.PeerUnavailableException: The Peer JAIN SIP Factory: gov.nist.javax.sip.address.AddressFactoryImpl could not be instantiated. Ensure the Path Name has been set.

  • org.jivesoftware.openfire.sip.tester.comm.CommunicationsException: Could not create factories!

Can you help me ?

Doesn’t work for me either. I am running Openfire 3.4.1 on windows with enterprise 30 day trial and Spark 2.5.8 on Mac. I get this error when I test from console sip phone mappings: SIP Account problem: Timeout Attempt timeout, please try again.


Is possible to add a phone address book?

Please let me now.