Spark, softphone

Hi all,

I’ve just a little problem with the spark’s softphone (I’m not speaking about the Red5). In fact the softphone works great (good sound, the media proxy works great) BUT (There’s a BUT) i have a little bug …

In fact it works great only one time. After the end of the call, I have to shut down spark and to re lauch it to be able to make another call. If I don’t shut down it I have this error :

“Voice chat ended: No Media Recieved. This may be caused by firewall configuration ptoblems”

In fact it’s not a firewall configuration problem because it worked between those two clients just before. So I shut down spark, then I re launch it and then I can make a new call.

What do I have to manage in order not to have this problem anymore ?

Thank’s for your answers !

I will try to describe better the problem,

In fact the one who try to call gets this error : " Session Close due to Closed remotely"

The one who accepts the call (because I can get the notification popup) gets the error described just before “No media recieved. This may be caused by firewall configuration problems”

Here is !

No one has the same problem than me ?

What softphone are you using? Is it SIP Phone Plugin? We have this plugin installed and red5 plugin. How did you get it to work? It is not registering through spark per user.

Than’ks for your answer hosdes. It’s not a try on the red5 but on the basic Voicechat . I’m fact, I’m just tryin to make a voicechat between two computers that are able to connect to each other. I can get the notification on the receiver side, but I get thoses errors

But the voicechat answers that :

caller side : Either : “Session closed due to unable to negociate session. This may be caused by firewall configuration problems”

Or : “Session closed due to Closed remotely”

receiver side : “Voicechat ended: Closed remotely.”

NB : I have no firewall and the two clients are on the same lan, are pingable and their mask allow them to get directly being in contact.