Spark source code

Hi !

I am sorry to ask this question. Is Spark source code available somewhere ?

Just another one, How to call a contact ? Do I have to enable something ?

Thank you very much!

Available, via SVN

What do you mean by call? PC to PC voice chat? If you don’t see Call button, then you have to setup STUN settings

Very Quick answer, I apppreciate it !

Thank you very much for the code, I am sorry I didn’t see it.

Ok for the STUN settings

I just have 2 other questions,

On average, How much RAM memory does a spark application running a video+audio chat need ?

How many audio+video chats can a client run at the same time ? what are the limitations ?

Thanks again ! It’s a very nice software

Sorry, i don’t use audio- video chat, so can’t tell how much RAM does it need or are there any limitations.