Spark SSO in samba domain


I was wondering s it possible to get spark on windows xp domain client to sso to openfire in a samba domain ?

I currently have samba+ldap, I can get the user accounts into openfire and everything works - it’s just the single sign on I cant seem to make work.

If I added kerberos ldap server would that help me ? I was considering switching to centos directory server which I belive has kerberos support.

Any assistance or ideas greatly received.


Some people here have had success with the Kerberos KDC from Samba, search the forums for some of the hickups they ran into. Making your LDAP server kerberized wont really help you, though. There are lots of good documents and forum discussions on the topic.

If anyone could point me to a couple of the mentioned posts I would be greatful, I dont seem to be able to find anything that isnt AD specific.