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Spark Stability

We run an all windows shop and we are running the windows version 3.8.2 of open fire and Spark version our clients. Our network consists of about 25 clients. The server machine isn’t all that impressive, it’s just a Windows xp machine with 2.4 Ghz 2 cpu 3GB ram. The client machines are much more powerful. The issue we keep having is that over time on the clients spark just gobbles up resources and becomes unresponsive and eventually slows down the client machine to the point where if you are typing an email you can type but see nothing coming up on the screen and then it like catches up. Task killing Spark solves the problem. If you leave it open and lock you workstation when you come in the next morning it is usually behainvg this way.

Has anyone else experience this and can anyone make any suggestions?

A fix is in the works already. See this thread:

wow there is a lot of programming speak in that thread, is there any work around? Don’t minimize the application and turn it off every day before going home? Still have users complaining that it becomse unresponsive through what seems to be to be reported as normal use.

If you are experiencing the same issue, basically the problem is that after a few days or Spark running (2-3 days usually), then the strange stuff starts happening to the system. The work-around in the meantime is to restart Spark or reboot your pc before that problem occurs.