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Spark start only after an specific hour


In some company where I work We migrate to use spark instead Pandion, I installed Spark 2.0.7, but a few weeks ago, some guy want to see working Spark 2.0.8, everything goes fine, but, there is a bug or problem related to login. They usually start to work at 7:00am, when this guy arrive and start Spark at 7:00am spark dindn’'t conect but at 7:30am spark start sucessfully. I decide to uninstall 2.0.8 and install again 2.0.7 but this continue also with this version. What I can do?, This is related to spark or is related to Windows?


That sounds like a pretty crazy problem. I have no idea what might be happening. Can you test with Spark 2.5.0 to see if you run into the issue?