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Spark Starts in process but immediately closes

I have spark installed on about 50 computer that run successfully with no issues.

We recently bought 3 laptops that are Core i5 Acer machines. Two of them are working properly. The third has spark start, as can be seen in the proces manager of the windows 7 64 bit OS on the machine, but immediately closes every single time. I’ve tried multiple different users as well as deleting their spark folders in roaming appdata, deleteing and reinstalling java 7u9 (which is working on several other machines), both 64 and 32 bit versions, and also tried to uninstall and reinstall spark version 2.6.3. I don’t believe I can use any version after because my uses include running the red5 plugin for video conferencing.

My error log has something about java.lang.exceptioninitialization error on it. I can get those logs tomorrow when I’m back in the office if needed.

Any idea what could possibly be the problem?