Spark Support on Mac OS 10.3.9?

Is Spark supported on 10.3.9?

It should be, but I dont think Jive or any of the community developers have 10.3.9 anymore, so its hard to say for certain. Have you tried it?

You may need to download an older version of the software to support the OS and its version of JAVA.

Sure, I tried. No go! (Note: Seth raised this topic as the chat client Spark for Mozilla support didn’t work for me on MacOS.)

It appears that Sparks requires a java version which is not on same level as the Apple java code in MacOS 10.3.9

I have tried to get information on back level versions of Spark at Open chat, no developer present that day and no answers.

The Jive site does not seem to have anything on previous versions of their products.

I would appreciate to get a hold on the back level version of Spark that supports MacOS 10.3.9, or is there an alternative, a bypass?

Older versions of spark are available by altering the URL of the download:

Spark 2.5.8: 5_8.dmg

Spark 2.5.3: 5_3.dmg

Spark 2.5.0: 5_0.dmg

See the how to do it?

Hi mtstravel,

thanks for the info, I do appreciate it.


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