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Spark, support Sip never will be?

Currently, version 2.6.3 Sprak bad works with sip protocol. I tested codecs g723, ULAW, ALAW. In all cases the voice is distorted, and it is a trouble Sip Phone Plugin.

Currently we are using Spark 2.5.8, and obtain stable SIP. But this is crazy! we can not use other plug-ins! can not be updated!

I downloaded the Spark beta, and there exists the problem http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-INSTALL4J

How can I move it off the ground?
How do I replace the plug-in for version 2.6.3 to version 2.5.8 plugin?

Текущая версия Spark 2.6.3 имеет плохую поддержку протокла SIP. Я тестировал кодеки g723, ULAW, ALAW. Во всех случаях голос искажается, и это беда SIP Phone плагина.

Сейчас мы используем Spark 2.5.8, и получаем стабильный SIP. Но это безумие! Мы не можем использовать другие плагины! Мы не можем обновляться!

Я скачал бета версию Spark, и там присутствует эта проблема http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-INSTALL4J

Как я могу сдвинуть это с мёртвой точки?

Как мне заменить плагин для версии 2.6.3 на плагин для версии 2.5.8?

Well, it is probably still possible to revert the change and get back to JMF, but that will require strong java knowledge and patience for finding the commit which changed that part in the code. Also you will have to find JMF library to use. All i can give you is the date of the ticket resolving (SPARK-1065 - 2009.06.20). This probably should be possible to dig SVN and find what files have been changed on that date or close to it. But i’m not a developer, so can’t say for sure.

I can only tell, that Spark won’t go back to JMF as it is a closed, proprietary library. More than this, such task requires a good java developer who can dedicate much time to this and there is no such person in the community now. What is needed, is to update FMJ to the latest version and fix all the quirks in Spark (as it not only sound problems, but also buttons not always work as they should in the voice chat menu).

All i can do is file a ticket and wait for someone take this task. SPARK-1563

You can also try contacting cstux via PM, maybe he can help you with this. But he is not active here anymore.