Spark SVN

I’ve decided to start such thread to be able to discuss latest changes in svn and to show our appreciation to contributors, who do not appear in changelogs.

So, recently a couple of reported by me issues were fixed. Thanks a lot Niklas Schaefer for his work.

It seems that he has added Show offline users checkbox in Contacts menu too, which eventually solves my other issue It could be marked as fixed.

Also, thanks David Schuster for fixing that

And now a few glitches i’ve noticed in latest build.

  • Preferences menu is not stretched down enough (probably after adding new options), so now Apply-Save-Close buttons are hidden.

  • Broadcast window is opening bloated. There is too much white space in roster part of that window.

  • Option to hide offline user in Broadcast window doesnt has its caption. It shows “checkbox.broadcast.hide.offline.user”. Also in the same window there is “&Message” abouve the input field. Minor and old typo thing. fixed, though it could be “Hide offline users”. Btw, i have noticed new Online group with all online users grouped in there in broadcast window. Very handy

  • Contact’s context menu shows “” (fixed, though could be Show status message") and then you press it in new window there is a button with “C&lose” name.

Some thoughts. I like finally being able to have 24h time format in chat. And it has switched to that format automatically. Is it reading my locale settings or is it now a default value? If latter, i think this should be changed to PM style to respect the current userbase. It’s great if it’s determining this automatically though.

I hope i didnt miss anything. It’s nice to see how your reported issues and requests come alive

Another update:

Nice option to expand and collapse all groups. Just right click on any group and choose the right option.

GrK finally find the way to submit his patch. Great

Also some reported glitches in last build were fixed (with options’ captions). Though there should be some consistency in the way options are named. At least options should start with capital letter.

  • And again. New collapse/expand options doesnt have right titles. Shows menuitem.expand.all.groups etc.

Few updates:

Hm, i wonder is it hard to create patches say with NetBeans? Or is it not suitable for this?

Well, i ideally need Daniel to fully approve of this idea, at the moment it’s more of a proposal than an actual implementation. For example, in the about box to have:

Version: 2.6.0 BETA 1

Build: 10870

I think that might be better for constant SVN release for example. I’m not sure if it would be possible to do with Netbeans or to make the SVN do it automtically on every update.

Well, build number could be there, but maybe just as an additional information. I dont like long version numbers, especially on Downloads page (it’s hard to remember such versions).

I’m not sure if you understood my question right. I’m interested what is the better way to produce patches, if i’m going to make some changes in the source. Diff files? Or maybe something else? What should one use for this?

Well, to create a patch file would be best, most of the SVN software can do this for you.

Well, i’m using RapidSVN. It can create Diff (using WinMerge as a diff tool). And then i can generate a patch in WinMerge. I just don’t know what format is thebest. My changes are only cosmetical. I suggest to make changes to default (EN) file:

267c267 < button.close = Close --- > button.close = C&lose 329c329 < checkbox.broadcast.hide.offline.user = Hide Offline Users --- > checkbox.broadcast.hide.offline.user = hide offline user 501c501 < = Group Offline Users --- > = Group offline users 521,522c521,522 < = Show Offline Users < = Show Status Message --- > = Show offline users > = show statusmessage

267 - Buttons dont support Alt shortcuts in Spark and show & sign instead of underline, so it’s not needed here.

Other changes are just to make those titles to look consistent with the whole GUI.