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Spark - Systray Notifications Only

I may be in a minority amongst users here but I personally am fond of Instant Messenger clients which use only an animated systray icon to notify of new messages. Already open windows can certainly flash, but I don’t like them jumping to the front which fortunately Spark does not do, but if someone new messages I prefer if no new windows open either in the foreground or background. Similarly, I like being able to turn off tabbed chatting if possible too.

The first of these I have found no method of doing with Spark. Am I missing a way to have the client not open any new chat windows and use a blinking icon only?

I haven’t explored the second of these yet, but is it also possible to have Spark default to individual windows to individual chats?

I am trying to use the most recent Spark release for download on a Windows Vista system.

I have already filed a request for systray notifications a while ago. I have updated it with your idea to open new window only when one clicks on systray flashing icon. SPARK-971

The second one is also filed and is on high demand SPARK-893 (25 votes). And there is already a working patch, which is currently in testing by me and some other users. It still has some issues, but it does what it should. Check this thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/35795?start=0&tstart=0 29th message has an attachment - spark.jar This is the latest compilation of this patch. You can replace your spark.jar with this one in the Spark installation folder (e.g. C:\Program files\Spark\lib)