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Spark time problem

Hello friends

Spark will show you back 1 hour next to messages on …

Regional settings on open fire + 03: 00

The computer is right at the clock.

Where does the problem come from?

How can i fix it

From Turkey

Spark should use your system time. Perhaps something is wrong with your daylight savings time configuration?

Which version of Spark and what regional settings in Windows?

This might be also related to Java, as i remember one update of Java fixing something about locales and time settings. So, maybe that’s another case.

Hi wroot

Version I use spark 2.8.3 and regional settings UTC +3 Minsk and OS windows 10

But 1 hour back in spark messaging

I am searching long but I can not find the problem

I’m using UTC +2 in my test Windows 10 machine. I have tried to change my timezone to UTC +3 Minsk and even changed my region to Belarus, but Spark shows correct time. Can’t reproduce. Is it for live messages or maybe just for the offline?