Spark Translation Plugin - I''ll pay to have it working

Well, as it says above. Its going to be incredibly usefull to me, and I need a solution to chatting with users in different languages that doesnt involve using something like the IMTrans spyware ridden, popup generating freebie.

I’'m prepared to either offer a bounty, or to contract a dev to fix the plugin, and I need this doing asap. If you have any suggestions (realistic ones please! as to the bounty amount that would be appropriate or if you would like to contact me to quote me for the work, I would very much appreciate it.

Cheers, Mark.

Hi Mark,

I did try Spark v2.0.8 with Translator Plugin v1.2 and this works for me.

Which versions are you using?


2.07, and enabling the plugin completly screwed spark. I had to manually uninstall, delete all preferences etc, and generally bugger around to get it working again, so I have been loath to try it again.

Of course if it works now, I’'ll be over the moon. Despite getting a director to auhorise me to spend some cash to get it to work, oh what will I do?

Cheers, Mark.


I am using spark 2.5.8 and Translator plugin v1.2 , and couldn’t get the translation to work …

Would you please How to get it work …I just added the plugin from spark add plugin

and typed a message …choose the language first from egnlish to frensh …but no translation

I appreciate your kind answer


Can you try with the latest version and tell if it is working for you?


I have tired to install the translator plugin , but not working …it evens

doesn’t download it once I click on it

is there any other way to download it and install it , can you please, email

me the source code for it



where I can get this version 2.0.8