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Spark translation


I’m trying to change french translation in Spark.

What is the difference between

var = title


var = &title


Is it necessary to encode accent caracters like that “Cr\u00E9er un Compte” to have “Créer un Compte” ?

Thanks in advance.

As anyone have a modified French translation file ?

I think & sign is for shorcuts with Alt-letter to work, but i think it shouldnt be visible on buttons etc. Probably this is some bug or mistake in translation files.

Yes, you should convert your translation file to unicode after you do changes. Netbeans does it for me when i need to change something.

I have attached the latest french translation file, though you can extract it anytime from Spark.jar.
spark_i18n_fr.properties.zip (8443 Bytes)


The french translation file don’t inclued new message since 2.0.5.

I have a french file now but I must read it again. When this file will be ok, I will post it on this dicussion.