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Spark trunk package names

Hello all! This is my first post. please be gentle! Im interested on spark, and have checked out the source located in the trunk.

Im using Netbeans for an IDE, and though all compiles, Ive noticed that as I open classes, the package names do not match. For example,

package org.jivesoftware; will be the package name in the file, though in the Project source window, the file will be located in the package java.org.jivesoftware. I was curious why this is and which is correct. Ive also built 2.5.8 and all package names match? What is the correct way to work with these? TIA

Welcome to Ignite Realtime I’m afraid i don’t understand your question. In Netbeans if i expand Source Packages i see java.org.jivesoftware.resource package, if i expand it i see ConfigurationRes.java file. If i go to the source folder i see such structure \src\java\org\jivesoftware\resource and ConfigurationRes.java file is in there. Everything seems fine.

Thank you for the welcoming. Im refering to the package declaration in the .java file which does not match the source package. If I navigate to the java.org.jivesoftware.resource package, and open the ConfigurationRes.java file in the editor, the package declaration is “package org.jivesoftware.resource;”. Immediately after opening, the editor will highlight and warn “incorrect package” and gives the options to move the file to the correct package(which is not there) or change the file’s package declaration. The latter would be the normal fix, but there a toc of files to change.

I am afraid all the ideas are same.You should add the java folder as the src folder.Then you will get org.jivesoftware.resource package but not java.org.jivesoftware.resource package.

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Now that would make sense. Knew it had to be a configuration problem. At some point I mustve added /src folder as a souce folder. Thanks.

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