Spark under Linux won''t run after a time

I have had ongoing problems getting Spark under Ubuntu 6.06 (Drake) using Java 1.5 to run. After I click the login button, the UI disappears, but the command line process wont’’ exit, as if the process is still running. ps shows the process is indeed still running.

Are there known issues with either the 1.1.4 or 2.0 beta of Spark under Linux/Java 1.5?

The only UI problems I have run into using this setup (same as yours although running gentoo) is with Xgl. Xgl seems to have trouble with some java applications and does strange things such has cause blank windows, windows to dissapear, windows to not resize properly, menus to appear in the wrong places etc…

If you are running Xgl, perhaps try dissabling it and see if your problem goes away.

Cheers, RioGD

Thanks for the reply.

My Ubuntu installation is pretty much standard, out of the box (whatever that means). Dumb question, but how would I know if I were running xgl, assuming it was handed to me as a default during the OS install?

Jive guys: I can help troubleshoot or serve as a guinea pig on this if you give me some guidance. The effect is at this time quite reproducible.


If you didn’‘t personally set it up I am sure it isn’'t running, but if you wish to be sure, from a console, type: ps auxw | grep -i xgl

That will show all processes and grep case insensitively for xgl, it most likely will return nothing.

As for troubleshooting, I would recommend launching Spark from a console as well so you may see some output from it.

Cheers, RioGD


I have something important to tell…

Based on what I’‘m about to tell God and man here, I feel like I have to say this: I’'ve been running Linux with X11 since about 1991. And running it successfully, I swear.

I just happened to notice that invoking Spark from a shell produces the UI login window on the same FVWM virtual desktop as the shell. However, after I logged in successfully, the chat window is placed on a *different" virtual desktop, out of sight. So that explains the disappearing UI.

I’'m gonna say this is a bug to share the humiliation FVMW has apparently some memory of where windows from an app were placed previously, as when I drag the chat window back to the same virtual desktop as the invoking shell, it tends to appear there again in subsequent invocations.

I have every reason to believe that this is exactly what has been happening to me for a very long time with Spark under Linux. The app runs, but the chat window gets placed on the wrong desktop, which is probably just an X11 positioning problem (0,0) instead of (somewhere near the shell X, somewhere near the shell Y).

Can anyone top this for humor at his own expense ?