Spark universal binary?


just a short question. when can we download spark as universal binary for our intelmacs ?

it should not be a big problem ''cause its java, right ?

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it’'s indeed java but it uses some native code to be displayed in the TNA, get idle time, etc.

So there is no yet a 100% pure java version available.


Mixing PowerPC code and Java doesn’‘t work on Intel Macs (since the Java stuff is Intel-only, and you can’‘t mix emulated and non-emulated code in the same process), so I guess Spark doesn’'t work at all there?

And Spark definitely won’'t get installed in J2ME clients.

ummm, ok,

but where is the problem with universal binary?

i cant just get the source and compile it mself in xcode, can i?

thanks for your answers.

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oh, i just saw i posted my question under the wrong category.


and thanks for the answers

Hi All,

Running Spark on the MacBook Pro hasn’'t been an issue (see attached screen shot). Are people seeing something different?



No problems running spark on an intelmac (beside the spark folder and files which are created in a wrong directory - in /User/name/* instead of /User/name/Library/Applicatio/on Support/ - but thats nothing new )

But as a PowerPC Binary the start of spark takes a long time, and the memory consumption is quite suboptimal (even for java i think )