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Spark user name not updating

I am using Active directory for user login to Spark. I have gone into active directory and updated a users name. (She got married) If I logon to the Openfire server I can see that her name has update. But at the workstation running Spark 2.7.2 the name is not updating. How do I fix this? Thank you

Restarting Spark doesn’t help? Also, are you using shared groups (contacts are automatically populated for new users) or manually adding contacts via search? In the latter case it stays the way you have named the contact when adding it and it won’t change when the names changes on the server.


Yes I have restarted Spark. Uninstalled Spark, Reinstalled Spark. Deleted user profile and created a new profile and still the old name is showing at the top of the Spark Windows just above the Online, Away status box . I have even deleted C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spark before reinstalling Spark. I am at a loss as to where Spark is getting the old name

Oh, it wasn’t clear that you were actually talking about your own name (the name of that employee who got married) in Spark and not of some contact on your list Go to File > Edit your profile and change it there (then restart Spark). This name is only shown to the user itself (and also in the group chat if you use Nickname field). Everyone else should see her with the updated name already, if you are using Shared groups.

have you at one point used the avatar resize plugin?