Spark user search service across 2 openfire servers

I have 2 openfire servers with search plugin enabled. When trying to add a search service with spark from a user logged into either server it says “Unable to contact search service.” I am using the name specified in “Search service Name” in admin with default prefix “search” and have enabled server to server communication via whitelist only with each server whitelisted to the opposite.

Is there a way to know if the search service is correctly functioning or if this is a spark error?

I am having exactly the same issue.

I am not sure if its a problem with the client or server. I am using Spark 2.5.8 and Openfirre Server 3.6.4.

I am able to add the users from the secons sevrer ok by using add contact and typing in the jabber ID, but when I try to add the search service search.<> I get the error “Unable to contact search service”

Something to try that I never did:

check your DNS settings. As it uses a subdomain, if you dont have the subdomain pointed to your server it most likely won’t work. Just a thought I had…

Did anybody solve this incident?

CAn you please share the solution?

THanks in advance


I also have this issue. I am able to add the users from domain1 to domain2 via JIDbut would like to add the domain1 search.service to domain2’s spark client. I receive the same error “Unable to contact search service”.

Has anyone had success adding a secondary search service?

I have two domains and two OpenFire Servers. Domain1 and Domain2. My user on Domain1 is able to add the search server for Domain2 after I created the DNS (host rec) of I was able to add both search servers to my Spark client and search users from both domains.