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Spark v2.5.7 dups

We were planning to roll out Spark v2.5.7 client for 500 more clients (new clients) this week but have noticed more bugs in this version than 2.5.6!

Mostly duplicate entries in multiple groups. If you delete the dup, it deletes all. It also looks like it is taking up 33k of Memory.

We need to decide on a stable version SOON! HELP!

Hi COPClient,

We will be releasing the 2.5.8 beta 1 next Thursday. If you could take a look there, it will fix a couple minor issues.

a) Multiple group listing.

b) Better offline grouping

c) Broadcast error.

What other issues have you found? I found the 2.5.7 build to much, much more stable than 2.5.6.




Is it possible to create an account for me on your server? I’m very curious what the issue is with the duplicate entries.



Unfortunately i can not get you a login to our server but here is a snapshot of ONE instance of a duplicate:

Unfortunately i can not get you a login to our server but i can EM you a snapshot

I’ve got the same issue as COPClient. I’m interested in the beta, but I’ve noticed lately that the betas haven’t been showing up on the beta release page?


Similar problems here, multiple duplicate of both on-line and off-line listings under each group, really grows as day progresses. And, the memory footprint of Spark is now very large. I think a longer test period before release would be a good idea in the future.

We’ve got the same issue as well - where can we grab the 2.5.8 beta?

One thought, we are still running Wildfire 3.3.2, I haven’t had time to update to 3.3.3. Any idea if this may be the cause of the latest Spark issues? I’ll probably update to 3.3.3 this weekend, and report here if I notice anything different.

Hi All,

We had one of our employees suffer this fate as well with 2.5.7. After taking a look into, I discovered and fixed it. This is fixed in the Spark 2.5.8 Beta 1, which should be coming out today (hopefully).



Thanks much ddman!

Any sign of that beta?

this was already happening in older versions (2.5.4-2.5.6). logging out and back in usually solves the issue temporarily.

I’ve got the same problem, running Wildfire 3.3.1

Logging out and logging back in does get rid of a couple of Spark duplicates, but the vast majority are reflections and they seem to be a permanent feature in 2.5.7 O.o

(Dropping back to 2.5.6 resolved this entirely, but that’s hardly a step in the right direction.)

Hope you guys can release the 2.5.8 beta asap… guess you ran into some complications eh?

What’s the URL for the beta’s of Spark (Openfire, etc etc…)


Beta link: http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/beta.jsp

Logging out and back in does NOT resolve the duplicates

Waiting on the BETA

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Beta Link: http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/beta.jsp

Logging out/in does NOT resolve the duplicates for us (i’ll find out what server version we’re running if that helps)

Waiting on the BETA…:wink:

Thanks guys, I had found that page, but thought there might be a “hidden” page I guess I can always to the svn daily build thing. I did that once, but the end result was a very messed up Spark installation after about 2 months of feeds of the beta code. Oh well.

P.S. for those adventureous types: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1040

Yeah… if you’re looking for an installation that works, you really want to wait for the stable releases Scott, (usually lol) the betas are for us to help Ignite discover bugs and complete stable releases.

No, sadly no hidden pages to tell you about But if you find one, let me know