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Spark vcard bug

Version 1.1.0 of spark has a bug. I have confirmed that wildfire is obtaining the email address and putting it into the vcard from an ldap. Gaim correctly received the email address (as well as description) but spark does not show the mail address (nor description).

Spark 1.1 is definitely an improvement on 1.0 as that did not show most of the information but email is a vital piece of information.

One thing that I would like would be the ability to show only those attributes that are in the vcard and have a checkbox that allows us to see empty attributes or not.

finally I would like spark to be able to download an avatar from an external webserver from a url provided by the vcard. In wildfire this would prolly be configured with:





static number My Road mytown mycountry 100 my home street mytown mycountry 303-555-1212 uid: home: shell: