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Spark version 2.8.3 Hang when scrolling contacts

i tried to install the new version which is 2.8.3 with features invisible, i observed that when i’m scrolling the contacts it gets hang when i scroll, how can i resolve it? thank you

Which OS? How many contacts you have? Do you have popup enabled when you hover over a contact?

my contact list also hangs while scrolling, for 10 seconds, as soon as my mouse hovers over a user that is ‘extended away’. 2.8.3 on win7 with vcard popups enabled

Well, i can’t reproduce this on a few testing virtual machines, but i think there were a few issues with vcard popups. Maybe some of them are fixed in 2.9.0. I would ask to try latest 2.9.0 build, but currently it won’t work with self-signed certificates, unless you disable SSL on the server and in the client. This might also be related to big images set as avatars. 2.9.0 should restrict that too. Current workaround would be to disable vcard popups i guess.

New wrinkle I just noticed its that the users who are ‘extended away’ when i mouse-over are all Mac users with the Messages app.