Spark virus?

Hi - on a few computers displays notyfication about a virus


its only notyfication ?

Which version of Spark, what antivirus product?

Spark 2.7.7

AVG Antivirus Business Edition Ver:16.71.7596

Same reports as Above

I have tried to put both installer and zipped installation folder on VirusTotal and it found nothing. Maybe it is fixed in the latest definitions already. Or can you point which file exactly is detected?

Btw, my personal belief in such situation is that it is not a product creator responsibility to go to AV vendors and try to fix their false positives (which is in most cases). When this happens to me, i go to my AV vendor’s page and submit files for inspection myself (every vendor usually has a suspicious file and possible false positive submit forms).

I have ver 2.6.3 - virus was found on file spark.exe

program AVG buisnes edition

I have installed Spark 2.6.3 and scanned Spark.exe on VirusTotal. No detections.

2.6.3 is very old (5 years maybe). Where have you downloaded it from and when? Either it’s AVG detecting something wrongly or you have infected version of Spark downloaded from somewhere else or it was infected on your PC by some virus which infects exe files.

As it is Business Edition, i suggest reporting this to AVG support.

yes i know its old but its work fine to me.

It was instaled maybe 3 years ago. maybe shuld i upgrade and we’ll see what happens

Although i think that it is better to update to the newest version, what i meant is that it is old and probably downloaded and installed long long time ago. Though i’m 99% sure this is a false positive, but VirusTotal doesn’t show that for AVG with May 8 definitions. Unless Business version uses some special definitions. Btw, Lon above says he gets the same for 2.7.7 version. So updating probably won’t help, until AVG fixes that.

Aside from VirusTotal Avast on my personal PC and Symantec at work do not detect anything either.