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Spark vnc java web plugin

Ok , i have brushed up on my java skills in the last few days but now I am stuck.

I have my code that will start the VNC server on the host, and I have java code to get the host computer name.

Now to connect to the VNC host all one has to do is click. http://hostname:5800

Ok so now I have no idea on how to make this work with spark. how do i make a button in the chat window that will spit out a link or an accept/reject that will open the browser to that address?

Thanks .

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Hi William,

so we still wonder whether you did read the SparkPlug Developer Guide and whether you did download Sparks source code yet. The SparkPlug Developer Guide does really give you a good starting point.

This question contains so little details that it’'s hard to give you a more specific answer.



This project is just what I was about to start coding!

The sparkplug guide is very easy to follow. Are you using code from lgpl vncj? Maybe I could help you with this plugin?



I am like i said a newbie at all of this,

maybe we can set up an IM time…

I would love to get this done, I am more of an idea man and usually can get things to work, but it is slow since I know little of programming, it has been 5 years or so since College where i learned a little…

So reply back and lets chat…