Spark w/ native Skype support?


what about integrating a native Skype Support into the Spark Client? I think it can be done using the official Skype SDK

Any plans on developing this one?


If you bring along some developer ressources to do that: Feel free to provide a plugin. Other than that, I do not see anyone doing it.

Alright thanks for the reply. Hope this cheers so. on to do so! Developers!

I’m not sure if you misunderstood what the Skype API is/offers or if you simply misspoke, but the post particularly caught my attention because in no way did it seem to mesh with Skype’s long-standing “tradition” of withholding the details of their protocol; indeed, what API is available is nothing near native Skype: "Skype Accessories enhance the Skype experience for Skype users. They can be hardware products or software applications, but they’re all created by developers who use the Skype Public API, a text-based protocol, to interact with Skype software."

Right on the heels of the the Skype + Microsoft thing, “Skype for Asterisk” was withdrawn and will be replaced with a subscription-type offering…