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Spark Web Interface

Hello, I am a full-time Java developer and I am new to both Spark and Smack. Smack appears to have a good following and a good reputation within the Java community. And from what I have seen of Spark, the client UI is very nice as well (I am currently investigating the code in SVN).

Now, I am working on a project for our corporate intranet that is looking to add instant messenger capabilties to our internal portal via a web-based chat, communicating with our existing Jabber servers (running on OS X Server 10.4). Are there any projects to convert or add an HTML/AJAX/Applet/Flash/etc. based interface to Spark so that it can be embedded within a portal environment? And if not, is there any interest in starting one? I am very interested in possibly using this product for our corporate intranet instant messaging.

Thank you.

That’s something my boss is considering as well. Waiting for the quality reply…

Hi Guys,

As I write this SparkWeb is being converted from HTML/AJAX to Flash, you can learn a bit more about it in Derek’s video podcast.

There are a number of other web based client projects out there but most of them lack polish and/or features. Meebo is probably the slickest and probably the best of what is currently available, but unfortunately it is not available as a non-hosted solution.

Hope this helps,