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Spark Whiteboard Plugin


A sparkplug that brings peer-to-peer whiteboarding to Jive’s Spark client. Currently, V2 Whiteboard supports a number of very cool features including:

  • A dozen different drawing tools

  • Background images

  • Text insertion

  • Shape transparency

  • Printing

  • Plus many more…


Additional Info

Please go to V2 Whiteboard for additional information and to download both the sparkplugin and source.

tested. works great!:slight_smile: but we cant paste image from clipboard. could this be added?

Hey Wroot,

Cut and pasting from the clipboard sounds like a great idea, I’ll add your request to our feature tracker.



Today i have sent a broadcast with Spark to 50 users and have got 20 answers. And then i have closed all of them often without a reply even. Now i have opened chat window with my coworker and invoked whiteboarding session. And Spark is throwing 20 dialogs asking if i want to start whiteboard session with all users i have got broadcast replies previously.

could be related to that Spark was running all the day and whiteboard screen after some time became unusable so i had to restart Spark

Being able to paste an image would be a significant addition. Speaking of which, without this ability, how did you get those images pasted onto the whiteboard in the screen capture above? Did you convert it to SVG? Also, since you essentially “paste” various types of images (e.g. bmp, gif, jpg) via the “set background” function, why allow the option to either center or stretch it (right now it stretches it). Having it centered, then it would be similar to the functionality of pasting it.

Also, in the other screenshot, you show that the whiteboard and chat window are in the same window. Is that a possible feature? That would really be great if both windows were somehow together, either docked together or the chat window embedded into the whiteboard.

Hey Wroot,

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into the issue you described and see if we can recreate it. Which version of the plugin were you using?



Hi qbrix,

You can insert images using the image tool that is located in the lower left hand corner of the tool box.

As for attaching the whiteboard to the chat window, we could certainly make that an option. I’ll add it to our feature request list.




as long as i remember, whiteboard icon is always shown in chat window, no matter whether contacts has plugin installed or not. Call button is only showing in chat window with contact which has Spark installed. But probably it would be hard to determine if whiteboarding is installed on the other side.

I would like to no if there is a chance of the same whiteboare for the red5 JWChat messenger as I would like to add it and am willing to as much of the work to incode and test as I can

Hi Bruce,

JWChat uses a completely different infrastructure than what is used for Spark so the whiteboarding capability would require a complete rewrite to work with that client. We’re keeping an eye on Jive’s transition from Spark to SparkWeb and I would guess that at some point we’ll port the the whiteboard over to Flash.



I have been working on the JWChat adding new and making changes I hoping to fined a flash editor for free so I can work on the audio and video I have some good Ideas for changes.I have added four color to add some looks check my post

in the red5 section if you like take my JWChat for a test drive.I am working adding some new status images and messages to add some fun to it.color will be changing every day or two please to be keeping an eye on my transformations of

JWChat at Kings Instant Messenger free public server Bruce

PS I use the whiteboard for my messenger games I have been creating simple but