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Spark will not login after I import spark.properties file

I am trying to import a generic spark.properties file. It works great but when i try to login to spark it hangs and sits there. If i delete the file and have spark recreate it works.

Trouble is i need to deploy spark to several machines and some machines have more than one user. Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve run into this problem before… you have a tag in your properties file that is no longer valid.

Delete lines in your properties file till you find the one tha is no longer valid (you’ll know because it will actually log in)


I have the following in the file.

ECHO emoticonPack=Default >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO idleTime=3 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO idleOn=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO password= >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO timeDisplayed=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO offlineGroupVisible=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO notifyOnOnline=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO contactListFontSize=11 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO lastUpdateCheck=1187293686312 >> %SPARKPREFS%


ECHO windowTakesFocus=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO toasterPopup=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO xmppPort=5222 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO timeout=10 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO autoLoginEnabled=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO showHistory=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO checkForBeta=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO showEmptyGroups=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO tabsOnTop=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO chatRoomFontSize=12 >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO startOnStartup=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO notifyOnOffline=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO server=im.brazos.org >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO chatNotificationOn=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO startHidden=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO passwordSaved=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO buzzEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO emoticonsEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO spellCheckerEnabled=true >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO useSystemLookAndFeel=false >> %SPARKPREFS%

ECHO defaultChatLengthTimeout=15 >> %SPARKPREFS%