Spark Window Hanging up

We are having a problem. When a user tries to close the Spark Window it just hanges there. Or when they send a IM, it does not show that it was sent but the other user sees it on their window.

Any simple fix?

Simple fix for this is to stop Spark and then delete it’s profile (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark). You will loose settings and history. And this won’t protect you from this to happen again. Also, you can try using 2.6.0 Beta 2 and check if that makes any difference.

Spark is just buggy as all h***

Why I had to ditch it for another chat client that tends to work better (Jabbim), but I’ve got my own set of issues with that. Have yet to really find anything with the same features I want (minimized blinking window in taskbar) other than Jabbim/Spark.

Not a big deal for me, personally, to restart Spark or kill its process if I have to (not uncommon), but for a bunch of end-users there’s just no excuse.

Hoping Spark issues get fixed, because I really do like it.

Openfire on the other hand works great.

I have not had this error on machines after i did this to fix them:

  1. Uninstall Spark
  2. Delete all residual spark folders (Program Files and user’s Profile folder)
  3. Install the online exe version (no bundled jre)

In my case- this never worked. It was a widespread problem… hanging up all the time was our main issue. Closing the app didn’t matter too much, as it needs to stay running so that only happened at logoff each day.

Edit- Guess I shouldn’t say “widespread” it was pretty random… But nonetheless there were enough folks having problems to know it’s not just a glitch in a few installers.

For some reason installing the “online” version that has no bundled jre made a difference for me on machine where this problem woould occur. I also have not seen this at all on machines with spark 2.6.0b1 or above.