Spark window postion when going from two monitors to one

I was challenged this morning to chat using Spark because my chat window wasn’‘t appearing on my screen. The window was appearing where my second monitor used to be. So here’'s the situation:

At work, I dock my XP laptop, use it’‘s LCD, and extend my desktop to a second LCD, which becomes my primary display. I keep my Spark Chat window on my secondary display so I can watch it out of the corner of my eye. When I came home, I was only using the built in panel, there was no second monitor. While Outlook figured this out and appeared on my primary display, my Spark chat window was off screen where my secondary panel should be. Also, my primary panel at work is at a higher screen resolution than my laptop panel, so my roster appeared a little off screen, too. No big deal because I could still see it and reposition it, but my chat window was a bit of a problem. I had toto right click the chat window’'s button on the task bar, select Move, and use my keyboard arrow keys to get it back on screen. It would be cool if Spark would check the available real estate and position itself within that.

I’'ve reported the same problem quite some time ago, but it looks like they consider fixing it as low priority. My question is never answered.


I’'ve filed SPARK-400 to fix this issue.



Thanks Derek

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