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Spark Window stays on top?

Is it possible for the Spark Window to stay on top of other Windows at all times?

If so, how do I do this?


No one knows if this can be done?


you could use an external AlwaysOnTop program to do this if you need it very fast.


Looking for some java features to do this, either plain java or native code, so Matt or Derek may implement it:


of the famous MySRC-AlwaysOnTop-090.zip

Sorry if I missed it elsewhere, but does anyone know any more about this yet?

Are you talking about the roster window (contacts list) to have always on top option?

No, the message window. Sorry.
It can be set to pop up on top, but not to stay there (or can it?).

I have filed your request here SPARK-1072. But i cant give you any date. Unless someone will contribute a patch for this feature.

Very cool.
Thank you!

So (coming from ignorance), what does ‘fixed’ mean in the ‘Resolution:’ field?


This feature was added in the svn. since 11089.

You can check out the latest version and compile it by yourself

or you can wait for the document update -> http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822