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Spark windows auto run

Hi All

What are the recommended ways to get spark running at windows logon?

During install, I did not notice an option to run at startup, nor do I see an option within the application to enable run at start up.

Two question:

  1. Is auto-run an option I can enable in a custom MSI package?

  2. Recommended way to enable spark auto-run if it is already installed?


There is a preference setting for autostart at login inside Spark. Should work, if not, it’s a bug.


As Walter has mentioned, manually this can be done via Spark Preferences. Actually Spark is saving this infor in two places. In the registry - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and in spark.properties, which can be found at %AppData%\Spark. Usually registry entry is set after the installation. When you launch Spark and login it checks the spark.properties file and if it is not set to auto start there, then it will remove the registry entry.

I see. Yes, spark is auto-run after installation, but is noloinger auto run after first spark login.

Must change ‘startOnStartup’ in spark.properties.

Presumably I can make this part of default.properties when I make a custom MSI build.

Or of course I could implement a group policy to ensure spark is set for startup.

Thanks all

Refer to this post https://community.igniterealtime.org/message/241925#241925

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