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Spark with Audio IM

Hi and Top of the Day-

I’m trying to find a way to talk ( audio ) within a LAN that

doesn’t have real speedy internet and sometimes doesn’t have any. So far I gather that the system requirements for Spark are 512 Mb of memory ( Windows XP ). I would like to be able to use this on 12 workstations. Do I need to install Openfire “Server”? If so, does it run as a standalone or do all of my users need it as well as Spark? If there is a link to how to set this up, I would go there and perhaps be busy learning on my own.

The Openfire XMPP Server will need to be installed on a single machine which will act as the main primary XMPP server for your client’s to access. They can then use this server to communicate with each other across your LAN. To give you more help with your issue, What is the setup of you LAN? i.e: Is it across an office network that is already setup?


All 12 workstation computers are on one 10/100 switch, isolated from the larger network because they have no connection other than a wireless access point which only allows a sporadic internet connection. I am putting together a simulation lab that will allow instructors to talk to students from remote locations and control simulators ( the simulators are connected to Windows XP laptops ) using UltraVNC. Some do not meet the P4/512 MB reqs, I’ll have to see what happens.