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Spark with Redfire plugin suspending after audio/video chat


I’m using Spark 2.6.3 with latest redfire spark plugin (downloaded from redfire test page). After starting a audio/video chat, conversation goes fine, but spark client goes in suspend mode. I cannot move any spark window or close it or use any button. Only ending process from task manager helps me. Used on Windows XP, 7, 8. Any ideas?


I have the same problem. Voice call goes fine (but with poor quality), but after the call end, all of the spark windows freeze and I can hear last received sound looped. Spark doesn’t respond, only killing the process with task manager helps. The same problem is with redfire plugin. If I make tests through redfire test page using a web-browser - everything works just fine, but if I try audio/video call using spark, it freezes after call end as it does with integrated voice chat. I am using Spark 2.6.3, OS - Windows 7 32-bit, Win8.1 64bit. Spark version 2.5.8 works just fine. Spark 2.7.X doesn’t resolve the issue. I would use Spark 2.5.8 but I would like to use my openfire server as STUN server, not to be dependent on external STUN servers, but Spark 2.5.8 has hardcoded STUN addreses (found this info somewhere here). Also 2.5.8 has less available settings to customize.

I have found these topics:


which are related to this problem, however none of each has a solution. Has anyone ran into this isuue and found a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Development has stopped on Redfire. The Spark plugin does not work properly on win64 after Spark 2.5.8

Dele, thanks for your reply.

Could you please advice what plugins can I use to make audio/video calls using Spark and Openfire? I’m quite new to openfire so I just installed one of the first audio/video plugins I’ve found.