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Spark with Smack 4.2.0

Anyone has a rough idea about how long will it take Spark to make use of Smack 4.2.0 (Smack 4.2.0 is in beta2 right now).



Smack 4.2.0 has some significant changes. So it won’t be an easy “drop in” update. As Spark doesn’t have regular active developers, it is hard to tell when it will be updated to 4.2.0.

Thanks for your quick reply. The reason why I am asking is because we need to implement XEP-0313 into spark. I saw smack 4.2.0-beta2 has it so I quickly tried to add them, but it requires a lot of effort due to API changes (i.e. lots of jxmpp APIs were changed). So I have a lot of trouble just to implement smack-core alone (not to mention we need to add other dlls).

I also tried to build smack myself was hoping I can use 4.1.8 and port XEP-0313 in, but I couldn’t get Smack built in my Windows 10 machine.

Any suggestion on which way would be fastest for me to put XEP-0313 in Spark?




moving spark to 4.1 was a large task for one of our volunteers, which he just completed. (I think 4.2 was in alpha or maybe beta at the time, which is prob why 4.1 was selected). Its unlikely a move to 4.2 will happen any time soon. Perhaps the quickest way to get spark to 4.2 or a backport of your feature request into 4.1.8 would probably require a sponsorship of some sorts. If that feature is a requirement to you and a sponsorship is unlikely, than you might have to look into a different client. As wroot pointed out, we just don’t have alot of active spark devs…

Understood. Thanks for your advise.