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Spark with Smack 4.3 testers wanted

I’ve worked the past weeks on upgrading Smack, the XMPP library used by Spark, to the latest release. The results can be found in the smack-4.3 branch of my Spark github repository. It is still a little bit rough here and there but at least the most basic things appear to work. We need now a few more testers. If you are interested, you can simply run Spark from sources issuing the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/Flowdalic/Spark.git
cd Spark/core
git checkout smack-4.3
mvn exec:java

Your input is highly appreciated. Please use Spark with Smack 4.3 to give feedback.

UPDATE: Smack 4.3 is merged to Spark source, so now one can give it a test with nightly builds.