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Spark without direct windowed User Interface?

Hi Spark community,

I’‘m asking this question because I’'m trying to understand (and isolate) how Spark creates and utilizes chat and voice-chat sessions. Currently the JavaDocs of Spark can not be build because ant does not properly recognize the target and the parameters to the javadoc.exe are inproperly formatted. So I do not have any starting point to complete my task:

I want to have an API to Spark’'s voice chat capability, but without visual user interface. Just an API (a class or set of classes) with simple functionality for user login, roster management, voice chat call and acceptance and logout.

Any help would be greatly appreciate. In regards of this, few other questions:

  • Has someone succeeded in the trial to compile the Spark’'s JavaDocs?

  • If not, does the API documentation exist on some place where I can reach it?

  • If not, a help for fixing the build.xml file in order to execute successfully the javadoc application would be very nice

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi Spark Comunity again,

Could please someone be of assistance for me, regarding the task to find and isolate these Spark packages and classes which could form a core of the spark’'s login, roster management, voice chat (VoIP with jingle) and logout functionality.

That whole stuff should be free of interactive user interface (no dialogs, no windows, not toolbars and buttons, etc.).

I’'d greatly appreciate your help.

Kind regards,


The Spark Javadocs are available on this site to facilitate sparkplug development


Thank you for the responce. Should I assume, you mean a Spark plugin (sparkplug) could do the task I want?

Well, obviously I’‘m not a spark-geek so I do not know inside out the Spark software and I’'m struggling little bit to understand the whole application structure of Spark. Not so easy job i guess

Could you point me to the right direction (how to disable the visual UI)?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


I originally thought you just wanted the javadocs for spark, but after re-reading your posts, I think you’‘re looking for Smack, which is their library for building XMPP-capable tools. It has just about everything you’'ll need to make your own XMPP client or other XMPP tool.

Smack is here

Smack javadocs are here

Thanks again bemace,

If you’'d read my other post here youll find that the javadocs for Spark are no problem anymore - I found a way to generate them from the source.

To your kindly suggestion - I’'ve already looked at Smack and found that it lacks the handling and the management of the jingle VoIP functionality. And this functionality is vitally important for my target. Yes of course, I could just write small application to login, chat and logout using the Smack library, but this application would not be able to voice-communicate with the other clients logged in on a Openfire server.

And despite of this I may be wrong … Do you know for sure Smack has support for jingle?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,