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Spark wont open

I am new to Spark and OpenFire.

I installed Openfire 3.6.4 on one of our computers, set it up to LDAP to our SBS 2003 system. Installed Spark 2.5.8 to all of the Vista Business (32 bit) and XP Pro (32 bit) systems and Beta 2.6 to the Windows 7 (32 bit) machines.

I logged into each Machine as the network administrator to install the Spark software. Then launched the SPARK program and logged in as various users to test Spark and the sever. All was successfull. I copeid the spark shortcut to the startup menu for all users on all of the machines.

Yet this morning when the users logged in, they cannot open SPARK. they can click on the icon, but nothing appears.

I have check the users permissions on all of the computers, even added the Domain Users group to the local machines Power Users grop, but no success.

So in a nutshell, Spark is installed on all computers, and works when the administrator logs in, but not when a domain user logs in. windows firewall is Off.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Try deleting user profile on the problematic systems (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Spark).

Just for giggles try this version of spark that I made into an MSI installer: http://www.mtstravel2.com/downloads/spark_2_5_8_online.msi