Spark won''t run on any Dell

We have a bunch of Dell laptops and Dell desktops and we have installed spark on a number of machines. When we click on the icon it will show an hourglass then nothing. There are no processes running or anything. I upgraded the java to release 7 and it still won’'t load. Installed the same package from thumbdrive onto HP and MPC computers and it runs fine. Looked into the logs and they are all empty. Is there a debug version I can install?

Desktops are GX620

Laptops are Latitude 610


We haven’'t had any problems with Dells… we are running it on a number of Dimensions and Optiplexes, as well as D600, D620 laptops. So, its gotta be something else.


Our whole company uses Dell (400 Desktops, 150 Laptops) and Spark works like a charm. Make sure you have Java installed correctly, and check to make sure you don’'t have any funky Gourp Policies applied to your desktops that would prevent them from firing off Spark.

I was able to get it working on one desktop. So it works, just gotta figure out what is different.