Spark2.4.1 stilll doesn''t support korea character JID

Spark2.4.1 stilll doesn’'t support korea character JID

I Can’'t login korean character JID…

It shows the error “invalid user name or password”

In addition, Spark 2.4.1 shows korean JID as boxes like ??? in JID input box.

How long do I have to wait for the fixed version…? so sad…T.T

I found the helpful answer in Synthetica FAQ.

  1. Chinese and Japanese characters won’'t get displayed?

This is a font issue and not a Synthetica issue. Synthetica’'s default font is set to “Tahoma”, which does not

contain any Chinese or Japanese characters. The solution is to set the Default font to “Dialog”

as described here: FAQ Q3 and FAQ Q4.

  1. How can I change the default font of the Synthetica Look and Feel?

import de.javasoft.plaf.synthetica.SyntheticaLookAndFeel;

import de.javasoft.plaf.synthetica.SyntheticaStandardLookAndFeel;

try {

UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new SyntheticaStandardLookAndFeel());

SyntheticaLookAndFeel.setFont(“Dialog”, 12);

} catch (Exception e) {



So, your problem can be fixed by adding these fragment to 118.


are you able to create accounts as described in SPARK-381?

You may want to create a JIRA account and vote for this issue.

SPARK-286 describes a similar problem with display issues, but “?” instead of a box. I’'ll add a comment there regarding the issue you have and the source example provided by Vostok. Please vote also for this issue.

I wonder why there are so little non-US users / voters, these issues need a least 20 votes to get a top-ten issue and to appear here:


Yep…I need that problem to be solved SPARK-381

I’'m running Wildfire server with 250 Users

All their ID was created in korean character

It’'s JIDs are working fine with Pandion client…

but…with Spark it fails with error message “incorrect id or password”

I’'d like to vote SPARK-381…Where can I do that???

If the problem can be solved…I’'ll use Spark

It has good design and function more than pandion…I think…

I already made korean version i18n file…but I can’'t change all korean IDs into us IDs…

It would be confused thing to my guests

I’'ve just created the JIRA account and voted for SPARK-381.

I can create account containing “Euro” character, but I’'m not able to log in. (Spark 2.5.0b2)

So, I can’'t reproduce problem described in SPARK-286 …!default.jspa is the sign-up page.

OK…I voted for it…SPARK-381

but…only 4 users voted for it…Isn’'t it important???

WIldfire supports Unicode userID creation…

Spark must support that Unicode character…

Vote please…