Sparks Hangs for Approx 4 Minutes in Citrix Enviroment

I have spark 2.5.8/OpenFire 3.7.0 loaded in a Citrix Xen PS 4.5 environment fully patched. If the user that is logging into Citrix is a Admin then the program works fine, however, if the user is a “regular” user they are able to sign in with SSO but the program instantly freezes (unable to do anything) then after 4 minutes it releases and works as normal. I have tried giving R/W access to the \Program files\Spark folder, run as Admin, and compatibility mode. The behavior remains the same through all the scenarios?

I have seen only a cpl of posts relating to this years ago with no resolution…any help would be greatly appreciated…


Can’t give you any solution, but you may try the latest 2.6.0 svn version. Maybe it will beahve differently. (first link)