SparkWeb Active?


I would like to use SparkWeb for use with our openfire server but I don’t see any new development activity.

Is SparkWeb a dead project?

Will Sparkweb ever reach 1.0?

We have used Spark in the past but I would like to use a web client if possible.



I have contacted Armando (the current SparkWeb project lead) last week. SparkWeb is not his primary work, so he has not much time to work with it. He said he has plans to work on SparkWeb and apply some patches soon, but i cant give you any time frame. So. SparkWeb is not dead yet. Not very active though.

Thanks for the response.

And if you contact Armando’s again pass along my appreciation for his work on the project.

SparkWeb is quite usable as it is but I am planing on rolling out a chat client to 500 call center agents and I would hate to choose a client that is not being developed. Spark is another option but if I can avoid installing software on 500 desktops so much the better.



Today it seems quite dead… isn’t it?

Not quite dead yet

So, how to have help in configuring SWEB on openfire 3.6.4?

Read this document by wroot

I’m sorry, I mean SWEB Ajax version…

Two ways to do it

  1. Write a plugin that implements a web service, see Webchat and Redfire plugins for example and host the files.
  2. Host the files on an Apache server and direct http-bind requests to Openfire on port 7070. Google for examples of how this is done with jwchat or other javascript based xmpp clients.