SparkWeb and Internet Explorer :(

I am using sparkweb loaded in apache and connecting to openfire 3.5. apache is serving up https and its connecting to openfire securely. This works like a champ in Firefox (thanks to lots of guidance in another thread ), but when I never tested it using IE until today and it isn’t working. I have tried 3 different machines, XP and Vista, IE6 and IE7, joined to the domain and not, and also cleared all offline files and still can’t login.

When I click login it just sits there, the login button greys out so I know I am clicking it, but nothing happens. I have let it set for 5 minutes with no change. Nothing is getting logged in openfire in any of the logs either. I do a tcpdump on the server and I can see it make the connection on port 7443, but nothing ever comes out of the server.

FIrefox logs in in about 1-2 seconds and works with no problems. I have attempted to do some debugging but I honestly don’t know where to start to debug flash and/or IE. I have also upgraded flash from using 9.?? to the newest with no change.

Help is appreciated since my main goal for this is using it on a terminal server, which means IE only.