SparkWeb and TLS


My OpenFire server is configured to allow only secured connections (TLS only). I can’t connect using SparkWeb and I have this warning : “TLS was required by the server and connection was never secured.” on the server. If I disabled the secured connection, SparkWeb works.

Is it a SparkWeb’s problem or is it my configuration ?

Thank you.

SparkWeb does not currently support TLS. This will hopefully be changing soon


Do you know approximatively when ?

I’m currently in the process of merging and testing exnihilo’s patch. When that will be available in SparkWeb svn depends on how testing goes primarily.



I know I know, I should wait quietly but… I’m really impatient to have this feature !! So do you have a more precise date, more details ?

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately there seem to be some issues with the patch at the moment (disconnect downloading large rosters, as far as I can tell). I haven’t had time to do a thorough investigation.