SparkWeb emoticon support


I am running the latest trunk version of SparkWeb from svn.

I am sucessfully building from source in Flex Builder and have made some minor adjustments.

I have noticed that there are emoticons in the source distribution, is there an emoticon feature in Sparkweb, whereby if I type a smiley it would be autoconverted to ?

If not, If I where to implement this could you point me in the right direction (as I am new to this project).


Richard Wooding

In com.jivesoftware.spark.displayfilters.EmoticonFilter you’ll find that emoticon support is “temporarily disabled”.

There seems to be a problem showing images in the chat window (that’s probably why it has been disabled). I would very much like to see this problem solved as I’m trying to create my own “filter” to show local images instead of links to those images.

I’m trying to solve this too…

It comes down to the TextArea in flex being a bit weak for images. You can use the to add images to the Text Area, but they show up on their own line. (block as opposed to inline.)

There are a few approaches that I can think of

  • create your emoticons as a symbol font (maybe one exists already…) Then you can

use the HTML E to show something…

-The flexlib open source library has a ‘flow container’, you would have to add each word and each image as it’s own ‘cell’ to an area, and it would wrap the words and symbols the way you want. It’s just not editable at that point.

  • Wait until flex4 handles <IMG tags in TextArea objects

Sorry I’m not taking the time to look up the exact keywords, but that’s what I know so far.

Have a look at the source code of the Red5 version od SparkWeb. It uses FSTA from vbrantapps to implement smileys . Sorry, can’t find the link.