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Sparkweb - error #2048

I have installed Openfire Enterprise 3.3.3 with Openfire Enterprise plugin + Spark Web plugin. After entering username and password in the Spark Web, I am getting error message:

security Error

Error: #2048: Security sandbox violation:

I am wondering how I can resolve this error.

Having the same issue…supposed to end testing tomorrow, but I havne’t even gotten through all of the bugs yet…

Good day,

Let me share my conclusions about this issue. I have one Openfire (3.4.1) server named mensajero like domain name and I open in my router all the ports (5222,5223,9090,9091,5229 One solution in the forum said that this port must be open!). In order to access from outside of our offices I open this ports routed by a DDNS Domain Name.

I try all the combinations for Sparkweb and I found that the only solution to the 2048 issue is to change the name of my Openfire server to the DDNS Domain. If you don’t do this, Sparkweb will not connect to the server.

Maybe the next release will fix this.


To followup on and possibly clarify the last post, it is not necessary to actually “change” the name of the server itself, rather change

what you use in the logon box as the name of the server.

It is only necessary to change the name of the server in the logon box on the sparkweb to whatever DNS name you are using.

E.g. Internally, I am running openfire on a box called “Bonfire” and inside people go to http://bonfire:9090/plugins/enterprise/sparkweb/index.jsp

In the login boxes the put | myusername | @ | bonfire |

where | | represents the box where you type.

Outside they go to an alias DNS record I have, that happens to be “mail.mycompany.comhttp://mail.mycompany.com:9090/plugins/enterprise/sparkweb/index.jsp

So inside the sparkweb login I type | myusername | @ | mail.mycompanyname.com | instead.

And I get right in.

Also, I only open ports 9090 and 9091 (not necessarily needed I don’t think) for sparkweb and I only use 5222 for XMPP.

And spark and sparkweb seem to work fine, I can transfer files etc.