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Sparkweb & Groupchat not work


i have configured Openfire enterprise and now i m not able to login in spark web with https but i can login in sparkweb with normal http.

also i m not able to do conference in spark client .

can any one help in above problem.

I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried testing out the https ports that show up in the server settings, but I get nothing. At one point I had a certificate verifcation box come up, but it heeding nothing after that. HTTPS is critical to chatting over the web and something that I need in order to purchase the enterprise eddition. Any help with this issue would be great.

Also, not sure if it is considered group chat, but when I am logged into the sparkweb client and go to the conferences tab, I can see the add a conference option. Upon clicking it I can type in a name (any user can create rooms), but it just seems to hang saying “looking up conference service…”. I am not sure if this is what the post above meant by group chat, but I think it falls along the same lines.

What did you do when the cert validation error showed up? If the browser thinks it’s insecure, it may be refusing to send the data (firefox 3 definitely makes you jump through some hoops before it’ll let you; not sure on other browsers).

Ah, well after some exploring I have seemed to fix my conference issue. I hope the original poster will see this. I downloaded the Spark client and saw how the conferences were setup. Downloading the client helped me to follow the web interface a little better.

Before when I was added a conference in Spark, I was just inputting whatever name I wanted assuming it would create that “server”. This is not the case. You NEED to put in YOUR_SERVER_NAME into that field and then add it. From here you will see all the chats you made via the administrative panel and you will now have the options of creating your own.

To the developers - It would be nice to see a more intuitive way of what to enter in that field. Just the word “server” leaves a lot open to intepretation.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply but acctually my problem is when i select 2 online rosters from my contact list of spark client then i want to start group chat between those users now at this time its givving error like “No Responce from server”.

Also some times i m getting error in admin console of Chat Server like “HTTP Server Error” . for your refrence i have attached screenshot herewith.