SparkWeb: Incorrect encoding in chat window

Hi all,

I’ve just installed Openfire and SparkWeb under Apache HTTP Server to try it out, using GTalk transports via IM Gateway plugin.

Openfire was a breeze to configure. I can’t say the same thing about SparkWeb, but I managed to get it to work fine eventually.

But a problem with SparkWeb remains: I’m in Portugal and therefore my keyboard is not english. And via Sparkweb, I can’t use pratically all main characters used for smileys, like “:” or “)”. I can’t even type in a question mark - a aphostrophe outputs instead.

I’m just assuming SparkWeb thinks I should have an english keyboard, but I’m not sure that’s the problem. Maybe just some configuration option I should know about?

Any ideas?


Message was edited by: diogosales: Exclamation point outputs fine, my mistake.

Well, I feel more and more frustrated. I can’t use colons, semi-colons, question marks… not to mention all ponctuation used in portuguese (and a lot more languages) like á, é, í, ó…

Anyone ever experienced this? Is this a problem within the flash object?

We have exactly the same problem in Firefox, though in Internet Explorer it works.

An additional issue is that the context menus in the roster and of participants in multi user chats are rendered incorrectly and are barely usable in both browsers.

I see that now.

It’s nice I have IE to be used. But a lot of the people I intended to be using this are under Linux, therefore no IE avaliable.

Do you know how is SparkWeb development going?

A web interface to Openfire is of major importance. I think that making it work better should be a priority.


I don’t know the details of SparkWeb development, but I found these two issues that might be related:

It seems to be a Firefox bug that is triggered by using transparent components in Flash/Flex.

As a workaround you can remove the “wmode”, “opaque”, line in SparkWeb.html