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Sparkweb menu not visible!

Hello all,

I just installed sparkweb. But strange, menu does not appear.

Are there any that can help me ?

I include the following attachment too…

Best Regard’s

(AVerro - Indonesia)

You are confusing the Red5 version of SparkWeb with the official version 0.9.0.

Then, what i must change to make sparkweb running well ???

I’m sorry, i just learning to use sparkweb (newbie).

Thank for advice !


If you want the Red5 version of SparkWeb, then install the Red5 Plugin http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta/red5.war

Yes i do…

I have install red5.war on Openfire server, and Red5 menu already show on server tab.

But menu on sparkweb is still not visible too cid:FF6CAB8A-551B-44C0-B763-C596C28DFDF7

I gues your problem is that you have not change the file suppose to be called by your web server and it is still calling the orginal sparkweb html file. Note that the red5 plugin uses the index.htm file under the openfire folder openfire/plugins/red5/sparkweb…

Good luck…