Sparkweb Message Notification

Is there a way to change how sparkweb notifies users that they have a new message? Only the titlebar and the program bar changes for the browser window. Our users have complained that this does not grab their attention. Some suggestions are to play a sound, make the program bar flash, or to have the window pop to the foreground. I don know if any of these are possible but the current notification mechanism is not sufficient to grab our user’s attention.


I would love to see someone find a better way of doing this, but I’ve been unable to so far. Sound might be a possibility I suppose, but most other stuff can’t be accessed from Flash or Javascript.

See my response to this request.

I will install the latest red5 and check it out. I read the article and it sounds very promising. Thanks for your help to make sparkweb even better than before.

I’ve filed to track this

Thanks for the compliment Ben, but I am only doing my bit to justify Jive Software’s faith in this community. If David, Jadestorm and the other developers did not produce proffesional well written code in the first place, there would be nothing for me to improve upon.

Speaking of which, I’d like to avoid forking SparkWeb if possible, so it’d be cool to chat about how your code could integrate in ways that I won’t be breaking with changes all the time.